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Process Analyzers

Process analyzers are devices that are used for measuring quantities of materials such as hydrocarbons in order to optimize the processes and increase production efficiency.

Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS)

These analyzers are devices used to measure the amount of pollutants emitted from stacks to the atmosphere, particles and polluting compounds such as SO2, CO2, O2, NOX, and CO

Air Quality Monitoring Systems (AQMS)

Air quality monitoring systems are devices that measure wind speed and direction as well as other air parameters, and pollutants such as SO2, O3, CO, NOX, and THC

Water Quality Monitoring Systems (WQMS)

Water quality monitoring systems are devices that measure the amount of pollutants such as Total Nitrogen (TN), Total Phosphates (TP), and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) in various water resources.

What are the Benefits When SOORA is your ANALYZER Partner


Employees’ high level of knowledge and practical experience, and their exemplary responsiveness and work commitment – high quality of projects conducted and attention to detail – the ability to analyze and solve possible problems – being innovative and up-to-date and observing the latest standards

Why Work With Us​


The Most Important Reasons, You may Choose SOORA KAVOSH AZMA:

✓ Combining the knowledge of integrating analyzers with the science of production processes

✓ Providing specific solutions in accordance with the needs of each customer

✓ Using well known international products

✓ Using a powerful foreign trade network

Different Type of Industries

Various Range of Manufacturers

Growth and training

Maintenance and modification

An Example of a Previous Project

A short description of your company’s role in the success of the project.

Employee Testimonials​


SOORA KAVOSH AZMA has a long-standing reputation for providing reliable technic and services, as
well as exceptional levels of customer service. I find this admirable, and would appreciate the
opportunity to be part of our dynamic team. The positive attitude has had a huge impact on the team as
a whole which runs through all employees of the complex.
The effort and endeavor of our team to do what the client asks for fortifies our responsibility in a perfect



SOORA has been keeping employees happy so that we live up to our potential and enjoy Working while
satisfaction is the top priority and the key to success in our company.
SOORA rewarding and appreciation platform creates a positive feeling among employees and as a
result; it increases employee productivity.


We integrated our products based on​


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